Mackay Triathlon Festival



16 thoughts on “Mackay Triathlon Festival

  1. I’ve signed up for the Olympic distance triathlon. Do we have to register and/or rack our bikes on the Saturday or can we do it on the Sunday morning?

    1. Hi Paul,

      Due to the events running until 5pm on Saturday we will not be racking bags until Sunday morning. You can however check in and pick up your race pack for the Olympic during the events on Saturday.

      Thanks, Jenni

  2. I would like to do the Olympic distance but my swim is not competitive enough yet. if I tag a friend for the swim do I still need to register a team or I register as an individual. My friend would be already registered as an individual.

    1. Hi Teodora.
      You can enter as an individual especially if your friend has already registered. They will just have both timing chips for the swim and then you can continue on with your race.
      Thanks, Jenni

  3. Hi, I’ve registered for the Olympic Distance on Sunday and was wondering what time we can collect the race packs on Saturday. Thanks.

    1. Hi Troy,
      Wetsuits are 50/50 under new TA ruling. Water temp must be below 22 degrees for wetsuits to be worn on any distance shorter than 1500m. Last year it was no wetsuit as the temp was around 23/24 degrees.
      Thanks, MTC

  4. Hi
    My 7 yo son wants to complete the mini kids Tri and has registered. He swims up to 1km at swimming training but this is in a pool. Is he able to use finns on sat. I’m more worried about this than he is.

  5. I saw something about a bike loan scheme if I don’t have a bike and now I can’t find where I saw it. Any help would be appreciated:-)

  6. Hi MTC,
    I’m a horrible swimmer but would like to attempt the Olympic distance as my run and ride are ok, is there a cut off time for the swim?

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