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DBCT Teams Triathlon Relay

DBCT Teams Triathlon Relay


Mackay Aquatic & Recreation Complex
Race Categories – Triathlon
Distances – Enticer & Sprint(Teams Only)
This is a teams only event to promote healthy workplaces and encourage team mates, work colleges & clubs to band together and get active.


Corporate Teams (Senior Awards only)

Club/Schools Teams (Junior Awards)

Mates Teams (Junior & Senior awards)

All teams must have a min of 2 & a Max of 3 members who each race 1 or 2 legs individually

Male, Female & Mixed Awards
A Junior may compete in a Senior Team, however the team will then automatically be in the Senior catego

Mini Kids-Distances are based on Triathlon AUS Age Limit Restrictions on this page.

Enticer – 300m/8km/2.5km

Sprint – 600m/16km/5km

CQ Multisport is offering 8 week training programs for Swim, Bike & Run, so get on board early to take full advantage of this offer and be at your best for your team mates!!


Please note that additional Triathlon Australia One Day Racing Licence fees apply to each team member that does not hold a Triathlon Australia Annual Standard or Premium Membership at the time of the race


TA ODL FEE $3.50 per team Member


TA ODL Fee $10.00 Per Team Member






+TA ODL Fees


+TA ODL Fees



+TA ODL Fees


+TA ODL Fees



+TA ODL Fees


+TA ODL Fees



+TA ODL Fees


+TA ODL Fees



+TA ODL Fees

Mackay Aquatic & Recreation Complex

Course Maps

We are very excited to welcome you to the DBCT Teams Triathlon Relay for 2022
We hope you have a great time on Sunday.
Please read the information below carefully as it will detail what to do and where to go on race day.

Access to the MARC Pool Carpark will only be available to Event Crew
All athletes and spectators are required to park in the CQU Trades Centre carpark (on Boundry Rd) & walk down to the pool as the access road to the Pool/Track carparks will be closed.
This set up is to allow people to leave whilst the event is still underway with cyclists/runners still on the course.

RACE CHECK IN– Sunday 7:00am-8.00am 29th May 2022
Cyclists may rack their bikes from 7.00am after checking in.
1 member from each teams can check in all members of the team and collect race kit

In your race kit, you will receive the below
Swimmers – arm tattoo to be placed on their right upper arm, event swim cap
Cyclists – set of bike number stickers to use on their bike & helmet
Runners – a run bib to either pin on their run top or attach to their race belt

Timing chips must be worn on the left ankle during the race for your times to be accurately recorded.
Please ensure you cross over in the centre of the transition mat where possible to ensure your time is recorded and again as you cross it at the finish line.
Timing chip must be passed to each athlete in your team at transition, failure to do so will result in your times not being recorded.
Please place your timing chip in the bucket provided at the finish line.

The pool will open at 8.00am
All access to & from the pool will be via the main entrance only
The Transition gate will only be accessible to competing athletes during the event.
If spectators wish to enter or exit the pool area, please do so via the main entrance
If you wish to do a warmup prior to your race start, please feel free to do so prior to the compulsory race briefing

8.00am-Mini Kids Solo Event
8:20am-Race Briefing & Safety Talk(Compulsory) inside the pool
8.30am-Enticer waves Start
8.40am-Sprint waves Star

We have pretty awesome branded event towel for everyone who races.
Unfortunately, we just found out in recent days they have been delayed and will not make it to us in time for the event. They will be available for pick up from John Platts Stamps and Coins in McCallister st Mackay or at the next race
We will let you know when they arrive via email and on Facebook..

Custom finisher medals will be handed out to all team members as you cross the finish line.

Kieron Place will be our Race photographer at this event, smile when you see him and in particular at the finish line for that awesome finisher shot!

Kai from life media will in attendance taking video of the race for future marketing use.
Wave, smile and make the most of it, we want everyone to know how much fun this event is!

Bike Helmets must be put on and fastened prior to taking your bike from the racking and cannot be taken off until your bike is racked after the cycle leg. This is standard practice for all triathlons and failure to do so may result in disqualification.
No ear phones or headphones at any time whilst racing
Torso must be covered at all times whilst on Bike and Run course
All road rules must be obeyed at all times

We suggest you study the course maps and notes below as we may not have volunteers on every corner.
Course maps can be found in the links below and on the clubs website and printed if required.
It is your responsibility to know the course.
Failure to complete the course as mapped may result in time penalties or disqualification.
Whilst we endeavour to have volunteers at areas where course direction may be required, it is not always possible due to volunteer availability on the day.

TRANSITION MAP – https://mackaytriclub.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/MARC-Transition-Map-1.png

You can set up your bike and gear once the event crew have set up the racking, this is generally completed before check in opens
Street gear bags are not permitted in the transition area and will be removed pre-race if left in transition.
Any towels, runners socks hats etc, should not protrude further that your bike wheels from the racking and will be moved for safety if it does.
Please keep your gear in a tidy manner within your space while moving through transition to avoid other athletes tripping over your gear.
Place/set up your gear on the chain side of your bike.
Transition will be fenced/marked off & only Cyclists will be permitted in transition prior to race start
There will be no access via the Transition chute from the pool before or during the race for safety reasons

SWIM MAP-https://mackaytriclub.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/MARC-Swim-Course.png

Enticer 6 x 50 metre laps (300m in total)

Sprint 12 x 50 metre laps (600m in total)

Swim Aids-are all able to be used for the ENTICER only, no swim aids are permitted in the Sprint Race
Please note that if you use swim aids, your team will not be eligible for a Placing.
This race has a wave swim start and you will be given a wave number at check in.
The number will be written on the back of the swimmers hand and checked prior to each wave to ensure everyone starts in their designated wave to keep start and finish times accurate.
Swimmers will start at the carpark end(northern end) of the pool, and swim up and down the lanes as per the course maps finishing in the furthest lane from the entrance.
Exit the pool via the Transition chute gate.
Swimmers will follow the path in front of the pool, cross the road on the pedestrian crossing, follow the path to the athletics track to the transition zone where their cyclist will be waiting in the transition zone.
Swimmers will cross the timing mat before handover.

All cyclists will be corralled in the transition zone inside transition as marked on the transition map, as your swimmer approaches transition, proceed to the front of the transition zone, you may have your helmet & cycle shoes already on.
Please take the timing chip from your swimmer & place it on your left ankle & then you can proceed to your bike

BIKE COURSE- https://mackaytriclub.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/MARC-Cycle-Course.png

Enticer – 1 lap (8kms)

Sprint – 2 laps (16kms)

Please ensure you obey all road rules and give way to traffic
The cycle course for the Teams Challenge is out & back on Cowleys Rd, with the U-Turn being at the Cowleys Rd/Boundary Rd T intersection for sprint cyclists.
There will be a volunteer there to assist with traffic spotting.
There is a rail crossing on Cowley’s Rd, please take extra care to cross the lines safely and if it’ is raining, slowly.
You may get off you bike and walk across if you are not an accomplished rider.

Bike Course Notes;
Make your way out of transition by walking your bike across the timing mat (this is NOT the mount line)
Cyclists are not to mount their bike until they have crossed the mount line(the speed bump on the road)
Turn left and left again onto the MARC entrance road
Turn left onto Boundry Rd,
Turn left onto Cowleys Rd,
Cross the railway tracks and continue until the turn around marker.
Make your way back along the same route.
Sprint cyclists will U-Turn at Boundry Rd and complete their 2nd lap before finishing.
To finish, cyclists will turn back onto Cowleys Rd the same way they came out and head back to transition
Cyclists MUST dismount their bike before crossing the dismount line(the speed bump on the road)
Run/Walk your bike across the timing mat and into transition.
Cyclists must rack their bike before they can make their way to their runner
You can only remove your your helmet once you have racked your bike if you are the runner
If you have a runner, leave your helmet on to make your transition faster.
Once the cyclist has racked their bike, they should make their way to the transition zone to their runner


All Runners will be corralled in the transition zone.
As you see your cyclist, move to the front of the transition zone
The runner generally removes the timing chip from the cyclist and puts in on themselves
The runner can then cross the timing mat onto the foot path next to the athletics track and follow the path to the run course
Ensure you follow the directions of race officials on where to go to start your run

RUN COURSE – https://mackaytriclub.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/MARC-Run-Course-1.png

Enticer – 1 lap (2.5kms)

Sprint – 2 laps (5kms)

Run Course Notes;
After you exit transition, follow instructions from course marshals & make your way onto the run course.
At all times, you should be on the right-hand side of the road on the run course.
Follow the athletics track path to the pedestrian crossing and cross the road onto the pool side footpath,
Turn left and run on the path to the MARC entrance road
Follow the MARC entry road to the CQ Uni carpark, take a right
Follow the road through the CQ Uni carpark
Turn right at the 1st side street, run to the marker and turn around back to the CQ Uni road and turn right,
Run to the roundabout and take the roundabout on the right hand side (remember you need to stay right all the way)
Turn right at the next side street, run to the marker and turn around back to the CQ Uni road and turn right
Staying on the righthand side of the road, run to the turnaround point where there will be a self-serve water station set up.
Turn around and head back to the pool
DO NOT take any of the side streets on the way back
Stay to the right at all times on the road
Run to the roundabout and take the roundabout on the right hand side (remember you need to stay right all the way)
Run back through the CQ Uni carpark
Turn left back onto the same road you ran out on to head back to the pool (you should be running with the centre median strip trees on your right)
Sprint Runners will U-turn for their 2nd lap at the water station at the end of the MARC entrance road and repeat for lap 2
To Finish, runners will continue across the road onto the foot path in front of the pool (stay off the road as cyclists will be using the road)
Continue to the pedestrian crossing, cross the road onto the foot path to the athletics track and onto the track.
Turn left once you hit the track and complete 1 lap of the track to finish.
Your Swimmer and cyclist may join you for the last 100m and cross the finish line as a team for a great finisher photo.

Winning Team trophies for all categories and overall 3 fastest Sprint teams will be presented after every team has finished.
Hang around, grab a snack, a cold drink or a coffee from the pool cafe and cheer everyone home!

Swimmers/Triathlon suit/Running gear
Bike Helmet(in good condition and clasp in working order)
Bike (in good condition and tyres inflated)
Bike pump
Spare bike Tubes
Bike Shoes(if you use them)
Water Bottle & optional Electrolytes if you like
A winning personality
A friendly smile
Your A Game!!

Thanks, and have a great race!
Your MTC Committee