Mackay Triathlon Club offers several race distances to cater for all levels, in 2021, we introduced a variety of race formats to cater for everyone.. Distances are approximate and may change slightly depending on available course and conditions…

ALL events can be completed in a team relay format if you’re not ready to take them on alone, entries are available in teams of 2 or 3.

For more information and a schedule of these events, check the Events Calendar.

ENTICER -(Solo 12+, Team 10+)

TRIATHLON-350m swim | 10km cycle | 2.5km run
DUATHLON-2.5km run | 10km cycle | 2.5km run
AQUATHLON-350m swim | 2.5km run
AQUABIKE- 350m swim | 10km cycle

SPRINT – (Solo 14+, Team 12+)

TRIATHLON-750m swim | 20km cycle | 5km run
DUATHLON-2.5km run | 20km cycle | 5km run
AQUATHLON-750m swim | 5km run
AQUABIKE- 750m swim | 20km cycle

STANDARD – (Solo 15+, Team 14+)

TRIATHLON-1500m swim | 40km cycle | 10km run
DUATHLON-5km run | 40km cycle | 10km run
AQUATHLON-1500m swim | 10km run
AQUABIKE- 1500m swim | 40km cycle

MINI KIDS – 5+, we have various distances available for the little ones at most races and distance depends on age as per below tables.

Duathlon-Junior Distance Restrictions

Triathlon-Junior Distance Restrictions

Aquathlon-Junior Distance Restrictions





Pioneer Swim Centre
Race Categories – Aquathlon
Distances – Enticer & Sprint + Mini Kids 
(Solo & Teams)
The 1st race of the year to dust off the festive season cobwebs
You will 1st run 1 lap of the gooseponds, then jump in the cool pool waters to swim 6 laps(300m). Sprint athletes will repeat.


Womens Only Triathlon – Mirani Swim Centre
Categories – Triathlon
Distances – Enticer
(Solo-12+, Team-1 leg of Team-10+)
This event is aimed at encouraging women to participate in a fun and supportive atmosphere.
Swim aids are permitted for those not confident in the pool.
$5.00 from Every entry is donated to Mackay Base Hospital Brain Injury Unit
BBQ Fundraiser during event

Sonya Brazil

This event was Sonya’s first Triathlon. An avid swimmer and runner, she decided to give Triathlon a go, and after falling in love with the sport, she went on to compete in other Mackay events. Sonya’s whole family makes the trip from all over QLD to remember Sonya and this race has been a memorial to her since 2000 after Sonya died unexpectedly in 1999 whilst on her quest to become fit and active.


Eimeo Beach
Race Categories – Triathlon / Duathlon / Aquathlon / Aquabike
Distances – Enticer & Sprint + Mini Kids
(Solo & Teams)
Located at the stunning Eimeo Beach, this race is a local favorite.
The bike and Run legs can be tricky, so we recommend you walk/bike/drive the course pre race.


Mackay Harbour Beach
Race Categories – Triathlon / Duathlon / Aquathlon / Aquabike
Distances – Enticer & Sprint + Mini Kids
(Solo &Teams)
In memory of Local Triathlete Laura Pettifer.

The Harbour Course is slightly different to the Festival course and takes in the Mt Bassett lookout for the Sprint Distance Run

Laura Pettifer

Laura was a well loved member of the Mackay Community and a talented Triathlete. Whilst training for her 1st Ironman event, Laura was killed on December 6, 2008 in a collision during a mountain bike training ride at the age of 26. Her father Jeff, step mum Merylin and sister Michelle travel from NSW to attend this race in memory of Laura.


Mackay Harbor Beach
Race Categories – Triathlon / Duathlon / Aquathlon / Aquabike
Distances – Enticer, Sprint  & Standard(Olympic) 
(Solo &Teams)
Our major event of the year attracting Athletes from across Australia
See below for further festival Information & maps


Mackay Aquatic & Recreation Complex
Race Categories – Triathlon
Distances – Enticer & Sprint(Teams Only)
This is a teams only event to promote healthy workplaces and encourage team mates, work colleges & clubs to band together and get active
2020 the event was expanded the categories to include bragging rights in more categories
– Corporate Teams
– Club Teams
– School Teams
– Mates Teams
All teams must have a min of 2 & a Max of 3 members who each race 1 or 2 legs individually

CQ Multisport is offering 8 week training programs for Swim, Bike & Run, so get on board early to take full advantage of this offer and be at your best for your team mates!!


Mackay Aquatic & Recreation Complex
Race Categories – Triathlon
Distances – Mini Kids & All Abilities(Solo & Teams)
-can be altered to the participant as/if required
This event is all bout giving Triathlon a go and having fun!
An inclusive event for all abilities regardless of age(7+yrs)
Participants can race with a guide if required
swim,bike and run aids are permitted

Nikki & the Pink Hat Army at Tri-Activ8 help us co ordinate this event and we cant thank them enough for their generous support!


Mens Only Triathlon – Mackay Aquatic & Recreation Centre
Categories – Triathlon
Distances – Enticer & Sprint
(Solo & Teams)
One for the boys! get them out and about with mates, getting active in a fun and supporting environment.
Held in conjunction with mens health week, we hope to encourage men from all walks of life to just have fun and get talking.
Swim aids are permitted for those not confident in the pool.
$5.00 from every entry is donated to REAL MATES TALK

Around three-quarters of the people who die by suicide in the Whitsunday, Isaac and Mackay region are men.  These men are aged from teenagers to the elderly – they are our brothers, sons, husbands, workmates, friends and neighbours.

The Real Mates Talk men’s campaign intends to prevent suicide attempts and deaths of men in our community and support them to connect with others and live well.  Across the region, many men have put their hand up to be an Ambassador for this campaign – scroll down to see them below.  If you want to join us, let us know!

With Real Mates Talk, these men aim to:

  • Encourage men in their community to ask “What’s up mate?”
  • Encourage men (and women) to ask for help
  • Support them to have places to go to connect with others

11/7/2021-DUATHLON 1

Blue Water Quay
Race Categories – Duathlon
Distances – Enticer & Sprint
(Solo & Teams)
With winter upon us, its duathlon season!
In a Run/bike/run format its one to keep the winter chills at bay

1/8/2021-DUATHLON 2

Blue Water Quay
Race Categories – Duathlon
Distances – Enticer & Sprint
(Solo & Teams)
With winter upon us, its duathlon season!
In a Run/bike/run format its one to keep the winter chills at bay


Womens Only Triathlon – Mackay Aquatic & Recreation Complex
Categories – Triathlon
Distances – Enticer only
(Solo-12+ years, Teams-10+,1 leg of Team)
This event is aimed at encouraging women to participate in a fun and supportive atmosphere.
Swim aids are permitted for those not confident in the pool
$5.00 from Every entry is donated to a local women’s Charity


Sarina Beach
Race Categories – Triathlon/Duathlon/Aquathlon/Aquabike
Distances – Enticer & Sprint + Mini Kids
(Solo & Teams)
We close the year with the iconic Sarina Beach Event.
Always a favourite for locals and a challenging run course for the Sprint Distance taking in the hills and boat carpark!





Mackay Tri Club Member (20% Discount)-ADULT




Mackay Tri Club Member (20% Discount)-JUNIOR




Triathlon Australia Member-ADULT




Triathlon Australia Member-JUNIOR




(Includes Triathlon Australia One Day Licence Fee)




(Includes Triathlon Australia One Day Licence Fee)



















Aquathlon – Run Course

Sonya Brazil Memorial Womens Only Triathlon

Mirani – Transition Layout
Mirani – Swim Course
Mirani – Cycle Course
Mirani – Run Course

Eimeo Triathlon & Multisport

Eimeo – Cycle Course
Eimeo – Run Course

Laura’s Memorial Triathlon & Multisport
(for Mackay Triathlon & Multisport Festival
See maps on Festival Page)

Laura’s – Swim Course
Laura’s – Cycle Course – Enticer
Laura’s – Cycle Course – Sprint
Laura’s – Run Course

Teams Triathlon Relay
Mens Only Triathlon
Womens Only Triathlon – September

MARC – Transition Detail
MARC – Swim Course
MARC – Cycle Course
MARC – Run Course


8th November 2014 – Sarina Beach Triathlon
2nd November 2014 – Qld Country Health Fund Corporate Teams Triathlon
12th October 2014 – Balnagowan Triathlon
11th October 2014 – Womens Only Triathlon
Mackay Triathlon Festival – 27th & 28th September
2km Ocean Swim
750m Ocean Swim
Kids Tri
Olympic Teams
Duathlon – 5th July Race 1 , 19th July Race 2, 9th August Race 3
21st June 2014 – Haliday Bay Triathlon
25th May 2014 –
Laura’s – Results – Enticer
Laura’s Memorial Triathlon – Sprint
26th April 2014 – Sarina Beach Triathlon
30th March 2014 – Eimeo Beach Triathlon
26th January 2014 – Aussie Day Aquathon
16th February 2014 – Womens Only Triathlon


7th December 2013 – Adventure Race (TT, MTB, Hill Run)
9th November 2013 – Sarina Beach Tri – Sprint
 Sarina Beach Tri – Enticer
20th October 2013 – Balnagowan Triathlon (Enduro & Enticer)
19th October 2013 – Womens Only Triathlon
29th September 2013 – Olympic Distance Triathlon 
28th September 2013:
– 750m Ocean Swim
– 2km Ocean Swim
– Enticer Triathlon
– Kids Triathlon
15th September 2013 – Corporate Teams Triathlon
10th August 2013 – Bluewater Quay Duathlon
13th July 2013- Bluewater Quay Duathlon
15th June 2013 – Haliday Bay Triathlon
26th May 2013 – Laura’s Memorial Triathlon
13th April 2013 – Sarina Beach Triathlon
10 March 2013 – Balnagowan Triathlon (Enticer and Endro)
17 February 2013 – Womens Only Triathlon (Sonya Brazil Memorial)
3 February 2013 – Aquathlon


1 December 2012 – Adventure Race
4 November 2012 – Queensland Country Health Fund Corporate Teams Triathlon
21 October 2012 – Women’s Only Triathlon
12 August 2012 – Mackay Olympic Distance Triathlon: Individual | Teams
11 August 2012 – Mackay Open Water Swim: 2000m Swim | 750m Swim
8 September 2012 – Sarina Triathlon
16 June 2012 – Halliday Bay Triathlon
27 May 2012 – Laura Pettifer Memorial Triathlon 
28 April 2012 – Sarina Beach Triathlon
7 April 2012 – Men’s Only Triathlon (Novelty Theme)
4 March 2012 – Aquathon
19 February 2012 – Women’s Only Triathlon
12 February 2012 – Balnagowan Triathlon


Club Champion – Emma Goodman-Jones
Runner Up – Stephanie Allen
Club Champion – Nigel Thomas
Runner Up – Noel Garciano

Age Group Awards

10-11 – Chrisse Nailah Garciano
12-13 – Sarah Nash
14-15 – Chrisse Neah Garciano
20-29 – Emma Goodman-Jones
30-39 – Alyce Garth
40-49 – Stephanie Allen
50-59 – Christine Webb

10-11 – John Thomas
12-13 – Arthur Jared Bandalan
14-15 – Bayley Holmstrom
16-19 – Hunter McGovern
30-39 – Peter Loveday
40-49 – Noel Garciano
50-59 – John Platts
60+ – Nigel Thomas

Volunteer of the year – John Platts

Most Improved – Chrisse Nailah Garciano


The Mackay Triathlon Festival is our Major event in our Calendar and the only event in which we hold a Standard(Olympic) distance race.

The event expanded in 2021 to include Duathlon, Aquathlon & Aquabike events across all 3 distances to allow those not so keen on a particular discipline to race solo rather than in a team.

The April weather in Mackay is mild and great for racing, with beautiful beach sunrises to take in while you set up transition.

Held appox 6 weeks prior to the Cairns Ironman & 70.3 events in June, its a fantastic hit out event.



Participants can choose between:

– Standard  (1500m swim, 40km cycle and 10km run) – 15 years+
– Sprint  (750m swim, 16km cycle and 5km run) – 14 years+
– Enticer  (300m swim, 8km cycle and 2km run) – 12 years+

– Standard  (5km Run, 40km cycle and 10km run) – 15 years+
– Sprint  (2.5km Run, 20km cycle and 5km run) – 14 years+
– Enticer  (2.5km Run, 8km cycle and 2.5km run) – 12 years+

– Standard  (1500m swim and 10km run) – 15 years+
– Sprint  (750m swim and 5km run) – 14 years+
– Enticer  (300m swim and 2km run) – 12 years+

– Standard  (1500m swim, 40km cycle) – 15 years+
– Sprint  (750m swim, 20km cycle) – 14 years+
– Enticer  (300m swim, 8km cycle) – 12 years+

*All events can be as a team of 2 or 3 people!

What, When & Where on Race Day?
Mackay Triathlon Club welcomes all triathlete levels, and we’re more than happy to help newbies throughout our races. Whether it’s your first or last race, we’ve put together a step by step guide as to what you will have to do, where and when on race day.

Entry is Via Online Registration only- no entries well be accepted Saturday or Sunday on race weekend

Wetsuits will depend on the measurements taken by the TQ Official on race morning. If the temperature of the water is 22 degrees Celsius or above; wetsuits shall NOT be allowed. A notice will be posted on race morning and confirmation given at briefing.


RACE PACK COLLECTION – 2.30pm – 5.30pm
Athletes can collect their race packs and numbers on the Saturday before race day at the Mackay Surf Club.
Photo identification is required.

In your race kit you will be issued:
Event Towel
Swim Cap
Timing Chip(to be worn on your left ankle)
Number Tattoo (please apply to right upper arm or right forearm if wearing sleeves)
Bike Number (please attach to your seat tube)
Race Number (must be worn on front for run leg only)
Helmet Number (place on the front of your helmet)

Under special circumstances, should you be unable to collect your race kit during the above mentioned time on Saturday, please contact us at to arrange an alternative pick up time or a nominated person to pick up your kit.

Timing Chip – It is essential that you return the timing band at the conclusion of the event to the timing team. If the band is not returned a fee of $50 will be charged.


TRANSITION OPENS 5.00am – 6.00am
Sunrise is around 6.00am, so whilst we will have some light, it is recommended you bring a torch with you.

– No bikes are racked on Saturday.
– A TQ official will check your bike for safety.
– You must have your number attached to the seat post
– Have your helmet on, securely fastened with your helmet sticker on the front
– Have your Arm tattoo on
– Arrange your gear on the chaining side of your bike.
– Bikes will be racked by the back wheel in the ITU style racks or by the seat (traditional racks).
– Please leave a 2m space between all bikes, a TQ official will be available
– Check your tyre pressure
– No Bags are to be left in the transition area-they will be removed by the TQ official pre race if left
– There is a baggage tent next to the timing tent where your items will be secure for the duration of your race.
– Once you have dropped off your bike and race items, please move out of the transition area

A verbal briefing will be held prior to race starts Sunday morning, prior to race start at 6.30am. This briefing will have all the information and rules required to complete the race, including how many laps are required for each race leg.


Triathlon/Aquathlon/Aquabike- Beach Start

It is a good idea that you ‘self seed’; if you are a slow swimmer start at the back, while if you are a good swimmer start at the front.

6.33am – ENTICER(Male/Female/Teams)
6.35am – SPRINT(Male/Female/Teams)

Duathlon – Start at the Finisher chute

6.33am – ENTICER(Male/Female/Teams)
6.35am – SPRINT(Male/Female/Teams)

Swim Leg
The swim buoys mark the course, look up for direction and if you are ever in trouble raise one arm for the water safety to assist you. Depending on the conditions, the swim start may be a deep water start or a beach start.

Swim to Bike Transition
Competitors try to do this as quickly as possible, taking off a wet suit (if applicable) and racing in swimmers, tri suits or tri kits. Always clip on your helmet before taking your bike off the rack.

Bike Exit
Jog or walk your bike to the bike exit where, once your bike is on the road, there is a mount sign and a line indicating you can get on your bike. Take care of other competitors. It is often wise to move down the road ahead of the competitor traffic at the line to get yourself some space!

Bike Course – Road Closures
Sections of the course have partial closure. Our race is sanctioned and we have the assistance of the local scout group and volunteers. Please stay left unless overtaking and be always aware of any parked vehicle, pedestrians or resident’s vehicles which may be on the course. Please pay attention to race officials at all times.

Bike to Run Transition
Return bike to your rack before taking off your helmet, put on running shoes and run to the run exit.

Run Exit
A sign clearly marks the run exit but if you are ever confused please ask a transition official.

Run Course
There is a drink station at the lighthouse Restaurant and midway out on the breakwater.

The best part of the race! The timing transponder mats are underneath the finish arch, and your foot (with the band attached) must pass over these plates. Once you cross the line proceed through the chutes towards the marshals who will remove your timing band.

Recovery Area & Food Packs
Fruit and water recovery product will be available in the Recovery Area post race

The Presentations

Presentations will be held at the Mackay Surf Club at approx. midday. Please join us in supporting the athletes.

Removing your bike from the Transition area
The transition area will be reopened again after the last competitor exits for their run leg. When you take your bike out of the transition area please ensure that you show both your ID wristband and your bike numbers to the officials at the transition exit.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Mackay Multisport Festival





Individual Entry
Mackay Triathlon Club Member – 10% Discount




Individual Entry
TA Member




Individual Entry-Non TA Member
(Includes Triathlon One Day Licence)




TEAMS of 2




TEAMS of 3