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Sonya Brazil Memorial Women’s Only Triathlon

Womens Only Triathlon

Mirani Swim Centre
Categories – Triathlon
Enticer – 200m/8km/2km (Solo-12+, Team-1 leg of Team-10+)
Mini Chicks – (5-11yrs) Distances are based on Triathlon AUS Age Limit Restrictions on this page.

Entry Fee – Enticer $20.00 | Mini Chicks $7.50

This event is aimed at encouraging women to participate in a fun and supportive atmosphere.
Swim aids are permitted for those not confident in the pool.

BBQ Fundraiser during event

Sonya Brazil

This event was Sonya’s first Triathlon. An avid swimmer and runner, she decided to give Triathlon a go, and after falling in love with the sport, she went on to compete in other Mackay events. Sonya’s whole family makes the trip from all over QLD to remember Sonya and this race has been a memorial to her since 2000 after Sonya died unexpectedly in 1999 whilst on her quest to become fit and active.

2023 Champions


My favorite triathlon of the year, Sonya Brazil Memorial Women’s Only Triathlon. ❤️‍🔥
Full of lovely women giving encouragement with smiles, high fives, tips while riding past each other and sharing butterflies at the start line together. I can’t say it stops you from thinking of the pain during the event but it sure helps. 💙🧡🤍
I’ve never competed in a triathlon before, the butterflies were so real on the start line but the laughs between all competitors and encouragement quickly made them go away. I was so truly blown away by how amazing this event was and also how beautiful all the women were who competed. There were so many high fives, so many cheers, so many laughs, so many “I’m dying exchanges” and a lot of smiles! I want to say how proud I am of all the women who competed today, you all did it, you all made it to the finish line and smashed it 🏊‍♀️🚴🏃‍♀️

Mirani Swim Centre

Course Maps

What, When & Where on Race Day?
Mackay Triathlon Club welcomes all triathlete levels, and we’re more than happy to help newbies throughout our races. Whether it’s your first or last race, we’ve put together a step by step guide as to what you will have to do, where and when on race day. 

POOL OPENS at 6.30am-NEW COFFEE Machine!! 

RACE CHECK IN –6:00 – 6:45 am Sunday 

You will be given your wave start at check in.
Please ensure you know your wave number & be ready
As each wave starts, the next wave will be called by race number ready for the next wave start.
If you miss your wave, don’t panic!! Notify the Starter you missed your wave, & the Race Director after your race & your time will be adjusted for publication in the race results. 

A verbal briefing will be held prior to race start Sunday morning. This briefing will outline any safety concerns on course on the day and give you some valuable information. 

Mini Chicks – Approx 6:30am
Enticer – Approx 6:45am 

Mini Chicks – Approx 6:45am

Enticer – at conclusion of Mini Chicks (approx 7:00am) 

Timing Chip – It is essential that you return the timing band at the conclusion of the event to the timing team. If the band is not returned a fee of $50 will be charged. 

– An official will check your bike for safety.
– Have your helmet on, securely fastened with your helmet sticker on the front
– Bikes will be racked by the back wheel in the ITU style racks or by the seat (traditional racks).
– Please leave a 2m space between all bikes, an official will be available
– Check your tyre pressure
– No Bags are to be left in the transition area-they will be removed by the official pre race if left
– There is a baggage tent next to the timing tent where your items will be secure for the duration of your race.
– Once you have dropped off your bike and race items, please move out of the transition area completely & do not re enter so other athletes can set their gear up, spectators are not permitted in transition 

Please ensure you have the following equipment on the day; 


You will need
Swim Cap
(Flippers, Kick board, snorkel all able to be used at this race)

You will start in waves, please listen to the marshal and be ready in your wave, each wave will start in the pool, you will swim 4 laps of the pool, moving from 1 marked lane to the next, going under the lane rope at each end. 

Please swim to the left of each lane to allow faster swimmers to pass on the right, do not hold up or block any swimmer from passing you. 

It is considered polite, when you feel a tap on your feet, so slow down and let the faster swimmer pass. 

Upon exiting the pool at the steps near the grandstands, make your way to the bike racking  

Ensure you remove your swim cap & goggles & leave them & anything else you used for the swim neatly near your bike
Dry off if you need to & change / put on bike cloths & bike shoes or your runners
You must put your helmet on & have it clipped up BEFORE you touch your bike
Do not get on your bike until you cross the mount line & are on the bike course proper & out of the transition area.(The mount line will be clearly marked & we will have a volunteer there to assist you)
This is a safety rule so no athletes are on their bikes in the vicinity of other athletes who may be still in transition & will not be looking out for bikes 


You will need
Water Bottle
Cycling Shoes/Runners

The Bike course is a 2 x 4km lap out and back course. 

There will be marshals at the turn around point 2km out from transition. 

Take care when performing your U-Trun that there is no traffic in either direction (OPEN ROADS) 

Give way to all traffic. 

On your 1st lap, when you make it back to transition, perform a U-Turn where directed and proceed onto your 2nd lap. 

On completion of your 2nd lap proceed to transition 

Again, ensure you have dismounted your bike before you cross the Dismount line.
Do not remove your helmet until you have racked your bike
Change into your run shoes if you wore cycling shoes
Change into your run clothing if required
Put a Hat on!!
Ensure you follow the directions of race officials on where to go to start your run 

You will need
Change of clothes if required  

After you exit transition, follow instructions from course marshals & make your way onto the run course
There will be a water station at the run turn around at the 1km mark. 

The best part of the race! The timing transponder mats are underneath the finish arch, and your foot (with the band attached) must pass over these plates. Once you cross the line proceed through the chutes towards the marshals who will remove your timing band. 

Recovery Area & BBQ
Fruit and water recovery product will be available in the Recovery Area post race and the Brazil Family with have a BBQ going

The Presentations
Presentations will be held after the race. Please join us in supporting the athletes. 

Removing your bike from the Transition area
The transition area will be reopened again after the last competitor exits for their run leg. When you take your bike out of the transition area please ensure that you show both your ID wristband and your bike numbers to the officials at the transition exit. 

Looking forward to seeing you at the Sonya Brazil Memorial Women’s Only Triathlon 


2023-Ella Chappell – 31:18

2022-Tahnie Malagueno-33:09

2021-Tayla Hickey 31:04

2020-Lyn Triss 32:21

2019-Jacqulyn Wonnocott 30:28

2018-Rebecca Goodale 31:45

2017-Jamie Bornman 30:41

2016-Melissa Crawford-29:41(Course Record)

2015-Melissa Crawford-30:28

2014-Deonne McMurturie-32:18

2013-Zoe Breitkreutz-31.07

2012-Tanya Davenport

2011-Liz Crane

2010-Jeanette Farrugia

2009-Tammy Lando

2008-Sam Harper

2007-Anna Ottaway

2006-Lisa Harding

2005-Caitlin Read

2004-Sally Ann Ward

2003-Sally Ann Ward

2002-Shaneen O’Brien

2001-Shaneen O’Brien

2000-Shaneen O’Brien