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Mackay Multisport Festival

Mackay Multisport Festival


The Mackay Multisport Festival is our Major event in our Calendar and the only event in which we hold Standard(Olympic) distances.

Race in Tropical Mackay as part of Triathlon Queensland 2022-2023 State Series!

Our Standard Distance race will give you points towards your tally so get on board and race in stunning surrounds in a friendly & welcoming  atmosphere were its all about having a go and having FUN!


Participants can choose between:

Mini Kids-Distances are based on Triathlon AUS Age Limit Restrictions on this page.

TRIATHLON (Swim / Bike / Run) DUATHLON (Run / Bike / Run)
Enticer – 300m/10km/2.5km (12+years) Enticer – 2.5km/10km/2.5km (12+years)
Sprint – 750m/20km/5km (14+years) Sprint – 2.5km/20km/5km (14+years)
Standard – 1500m/40km/10km (15+years) Standard – 5km/40km/10km (15+years)
AQUABIKE (Swim / Bike) AQUATHLON (Swim / Run)
Enticer – 300m/10km (12+years) Enticer – 300m/2.5km (12+years)
Sprint – 750m/20km (14+years) Sprint – 750m/5km (14+years)
Standard – 1500m/40km (15+years) Standard – 1500m/10km (15+years)





Individual Entry-Non TA Member
(Includes Triathlon One Day Licence)




Individual Entry-Triathlon Australia Member
TA Members with an Annual Standard or Premium Membership




Individual Entry-Mackay Triathlon Club Member – 10% Discount
(TA Members with an Annual Standard or Premium Membership
+ Mackay Triathlon Club Standard Membership)





Please note that additional Triathlon Australia One Day Racing Licence fees apply if Team member completing the team registration does not hold a Triathlon Australia Annual Standard or Premium Membership at the time of the race

+ TA One Day Licence Fee $3.50 if applicable

+ TA One Day Licence Fee $10.00 if applicable

+ TA One Day Licence Fee $17.50 if applicable

TEAMS of 2




TEAMS of 3




What, When & Where on Race Day?
Mackay Triathlon Club welcomes all triathlete levels, and we’re more than happy to help newbies throughout our races. Whether it’s your first or last race, we’ve put together a step by step guide as to what you will have to do, where and when on race day.

Entry is Via Online Registration only- no entries well be accepted Saturday or Sunday on race weekend

Wetsuits will depend on the measurements taken by the TQ Official on race morning. If the temperature of the water is 22 degrees Celsius or above; wetsuits shall NOT be allowed. A notice will be posted on race morning and confirmation given at briefing.


RACE PACK COLLECTION – 2.30pm – 4.00pm
Athletes can collect their race packs and numbers on the Saturday before race day at the Mackay Surf Club.
Photo identification is required.

In your race kit you will be issued:
Event Towel
Swim Cap
Timing Chip(to be worn on your left ankle)
Number Tattoo (please apply to right upper arm or right forearm if wearing sleeves)
Bike Number (please attach to your seat tube)
Race Number (must be worn on front for run leg only)
Helmet Number (place on the front of your helmet)

Under special circumstances, should you be unable to collect your race kit during the above mentioned time on Saturday, please contact us at to arrange an alternative pick up time or a nominated person to pick up your kit.

Timing Chip – It is essential that you return the timing band at the conclusion of the event to the timing team. If the band is not returned a fee of $50 will be charged.


TRANSITION OPENS 6.15am – 7.00am
Sunrise is around 6.41am, so whilst we will have some light, it is recommended you bring a torch with you.

– No bikes are racked on Saturday.
– A TQ official will check your bike for safety.
– You must have your number attached to the seat post
– Have your helmet on, securely fastened with your helmet sticker on the front
– Have your Arm tattoo on
– Arrange your gear on the chaining side of your bike.
– Bikes will be racked by the back wheel in the ITU style racks or by the seat (traditional racks).
– Please leave a 2m space between all bikes, a TQ official will be available
– Check your tyre pressure
– No Bags are to be left in the transition area-they will be removed by the TQ official pre race if left
– There is a baggage tent next to the timing tent where your items will be secure for the duration of your race.
– Once you have dropped off your bike and race items, please move out of the transition area

Verbal race briefings will be held prior to race starts Sunday morning approx 10-15 mins prior to each event. This briefing will have all the information and rules required to complete the race, including how many laps are required for each race leg.


Triathlon/Aquathlon/Aquabike- Beach Start
Duathlon – Start at the Finisher chute

It is a good idea that you ‘self seed’; if you are a slow swimmer start at the back of the pack, while if you are a good swimmer start at the front.

6.30am – race briefing and run through
7:00am – Race Start

7.15am – Race Briefing
7.30am – MALE + ALL TEAMS
7.35am – FEMALE

7.30am – Race Briefing
7.45am – Male/Female/Teams

7.45am – Race Briefing
8.00am – Male/Female/Teams

Swim Leg
The swim buoys mark the course, look up for direction and if you are ever in trouble raise one arm for the water safety to assist you. Depending on the conditions, the swim start may be a deep water start or a beach start.

Swim to Bike Transition
Competitors try to do this as quickly as possible, taking off a wet suit (if applicable) and racing in swimmers, tri suits or tri kits. Always clip on your helmet before taking your bike off the rack.

Bike Exit
Jog or walk your bike to the bike exit where, once your bike is on the road, there is a mount sign and a line indicating you can get on your bike. Take care of other competitors. It is often wise to move down the road ahead of the competitor traffic at the line to get yourself some space!

Bike Course – Road Closures
Sections of the course have partial closure. Our race is sanctioned and we have the assistance of the local scout group and volunteers. Please stay left unless overtaking and be always aware of any parked vehicle, pedestrians or resident’s vehicles which may be on the course. Please pay attention to race officials at all times.

Bike to Run Transition
Return bike to your rack before taking off your helmet, put on running shoes and run to the run exit.

Run Exit
A sign clearly marks the run exit but if you are ever confused please ask a transition official.

Run Course
There is a drink station at the lighthouse Restaurant and midway out on the breakwater.

The best part of the race! The timing transponder mats are underneath the finish arch, and your foot (with the band attached) must pass over these plates. Once you cross the line proceed through the chutes towards the marshals who will remove your timing band.

Recovery Area & Food Packs
Fruit and water recovery product will be available in the Recovery Area post race

The Presentations

Presentations will be held at the Mackay Surf Club at approx. midday. Please join us in supporting the athletes.

Removing your bike from the Transition area
The transition area will be reopened again after the last competitor exits for their run leg. When you take your bike out of the transition area please ensure that you show both your ID wristband and your bike numbers to the officials at the transition exit.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Mackay Multisport Festival